Same-Texture Tool

The Same-Texture tool is designed to link together image areas that contain complex textures. In areas with strong textures, it may be difficult to precisely select areas of the same reflectance. The Same-Texture tool enables you to use large brush strokes to indicate that the collection of materials, or texture, underneath is consistent, despite varying illumination.

The Same-Texture tool generally works best with a medium to large brush. The primary usage is across illumination boundaries on textured surfaces, as shown in images (A) and (D).

Just as with the Same-Reflectance scribbles, you can link a new Same-Texture scribble to an existing scribble or group by first selecting an existing scribble and then drawing new scribbles while holding down the shift key.


Image (A) shows a fire hydrant situated in a grass field. Images (B) and (C) show the result of using a single Bright/Dark Pair. While the reflectance and illumination maps are good, some undesired illumination variation is still present in the reflectance (B), around the base of the hydrant and as a bright spot in the grass to its upper right.

It may be possible to remove this variation using many small, carefully-placed same-reflectance scribbles distributed across the grass. However, it is simpler to use a group of larger Same-Texture scribbles around the hydrant’s base, and a single scribble covering the bright spot in the background. These are shown in (D).

Images (E) and (F) show the resulting reflectance and reflectance maps, respectively. The grass in the reflectance map is now more evenly lit, and the corresponding changes appear in the illumination map.