Same-Reflectance Anchors

The Same-Reflectance tool also enables you to specify the desired color of a material using an anchor color. By anchoring a Same-Reflectance scribble you can specify an object’s color or enforce color consistency across multiple instances of the object in one image or across multiple images.

The Same-Reflectance Tool Options panel, shown to the right, contains a palette of user-created anchor colors. By default, Same-Reflectance scribbles are not anchored. To anchor a Same-Reflectance scribble, or connected group of scribbles, first select the scribble or group. Then click the checkbox on one of the colors in the palette to make it the anchor color. The anchor will apply not only to that scribble, but also to other linked scribbles.

To create a new anchor color and add it to the palette, click the plus button to bring up the color selection dialog box, shown below the Tool Options panel. The color selection dialog lets you set the anchor color values manually, by using a standard Color Picker, or by selecting a color from the image itself with the Eyedropper tool. The selected color is shown in the box on the left of the dialog. To delete a selected anchor color, use the minus button.

To disconnect an anchor color from a scribble, un-click the box on the left of the selected color.

The Tool Options popup menu (gear button) enables you to edit a color and to save or load a color palette from a file.


The two images on the right are of the same chair. The following procedure makes the chairs the same color in the reflectance maps as shown.

  1. Process the images independently. As part of the processing, create a group of Same-Reflectance scribbles on the chair in each image.
  2. Use the plus button on the Same-Reflectance panel to make a new scribble anchor color called Chair.
  3. In the color selection dialog box, set the desired chair color, in this case a yellowish tan. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  4. In each image, select one of the scribbles in the chair group, then click on the checkbox by the Chair label in the scribble anchor colors list.
  5. Reprocess each image to obtain the new result with the chairs appropriately colored.