Edit Page

Image processing with Lightbrush Cloud happens in two stages: the Develop Phase and the Factor Phase. When you arrive at the Edit page for the first time, you are in the Develop Phase, where the image is prepared for processing. In the Factor Phase, you will begin marking the image with annotations for processing.

The Edit page utilizes a familiar graphical editing interface that walks you through the phases of image processing. During the Factor Phase, the top-left portion of the Edit canvas has buttons to navigate between the original image, the illumination map, and the reflectance map. The bottom-left of the Edit canvas has buttons to toggle the visibility of annotations, undo/redo activity, and set zoom level. The right-side portion of the Edit page has a toolbar containing all tools and settings necessary to processing your image. At the bottom-right of the toolbar are the Process and Download buttons. At the bottom of the Edit page window is a status bar which periodically contains useful status information and messages.

If at any point during the editing process you navigate back to Library and/or move to a different project, your edits and annotations are automatically saved.