Clone Tool

The Clone Tool duplicates information from one part of an image to another. When making small changes to an image–a shadow or material–cloning is a simple and effective method. Cloning often enables better blending with the surrounding information than doing the same edit with the Paint Brush.

As shown in (A), the Clone Tool has the standard parameters for Size, Hardness, and Flow, as well as the Preserve Product checkbox. As with the Blur Tool, if Preserve Product is checked, then any change made to one field–illumination or reflectance–will cause an inverse change to be made to the other field. If Preserve Product is unchecked, then any edits will affect only the edited field and the product image.

To select the starting source location for the Clone Tool, hold down the option key and click on the location to be cloned. The next click without the option key will lock the spatial relationship between the clone source and the drawing location. The first brush stroke will duplicate information from the the starting source location and move with the brush stroke, maintaining the same X and Y offsets established with the start of the first brush stroke.

Using option click again will reset the spatial relationship between the drawing location and the source location.

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